How were the cards created?

The creation process of the cards took several months. I chose the topics shown on the cards based on the issues that, in my experience, are most related to self-confidence and self-esteem. For each of the 12 topics I individually designed the precise moment, or life situation, that best captures the essence of that particular topic. The same is true for the five visual snapshots that most express the various shades of human behaviour.

I carefully planned what exactly each card would look like: from what angle, in what environment, engaging in what gesture should the characters appear on the cards. I also put special emphasis on reflecting on the various emotions associated with the portrayed life situations, since these emotions give the images their real impact. It was very important to me that anyone who takes the cards into their hands should immediately resonate with the feeling that the characters in the pictures have. Specifying details such as the lively, cheerful colours of the cards or the nice, playful atmosphere of the cards was indispensable. My goal was for the cards to speak for themselves and to be used with pleasure both by adults and children. Finally, I made a detailed written description of the pictures I dreamed of.

It was after a careful search that I settled on the illustrator who could bring to life the images in the exact style I had in mind. Although I wanted to put her name on the cards, she was reluctant, arguing that I gave her such detailed descriptions that she was merely transmitting my ideas, as she put it, “she was literally my hand”. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful for her work.