„Already at the first session she surprises you with her amazing wit and mental abilities. But instead of letting this frighten us we better take it as a challenge, because if we are brave enough, we will find that she triggers, and she brings out better capabilities in us. Especially if we also go along with the speed and consistency of the process.” G.K.

“It wasn’t easy for me to ask for help. Authenticity and trust were key aspects in my choice. I received assistance and guidance that exceeded even my peculiar expectations.” N.N.

“I arrived at my first coaching session with ready-made plans, but I couldn’t see what hindered me in implementing them. During the sessions I proceeded step by step and after each session I felt that I had moved closer and closer to reaching my goal. The advances I made after each valuable session were tangible. The sessions helped me clearly assess what the necessary moves were that I hadn’t yet made. Sára is the coach whom I warmly recommend to everyone who is stuck somewhere in life. She is extremely thorough, attentive and most importantly: provides real help!” T.L.

“Sára is extremely empathetic, conscientious and consistent. She digs into each and every detail, while her questions are to the point and goal-oriented. They shed light on shortcomings and point in the right direction. She eliminates uncertainties, focuses on the goal but does not disregard personal aspects either. She brings you out of gridlock and sets you on your own way.” G.R.

“I have been impressed by her listening capabilities: she does not jump to conclusions too quickly, but raises all the questions needed to get a full and complete picture of the issues we were tackling together…  Questions from Sára are always direct, clear and straight to the point…it is basically impossible to skip them or to avoid a honest answer. And the experience of answering these questions gave me a better awareness of the problems, with all the related benefits. She was not providing quick wins or suggestions, but she always let me choose between different options or alternatives. Sára’s coaching was particulary helpful in assessing and evaluating all the consequences of the different options.” D.B.

“During our discussions she constantly gave me the feeling that I was actually seeing myself from the outside, through the eyes of someone else. Through practical questions, continuous feedback, and by unveiling cause and effect relations, conversations with her provided real help. The fact that she also let me answer my own questions regarding my problems helped me rebuild my self-confidence. Of course, you need to be asked the right questions to achieve all this. And for that you need a coach like Sára. I can only recommend her to everyone.” I.S.Zs.

„Sára helps me realize that my fate is in my own hands. This gives me enormous inner strength. During the sessions my focus is shifted from agonizing over the problem to actually solving the problem – so by the end of the sessions I cannot wait to act. Each time we take only a small step and all of a sudden I realize that I am miles ahead. She gives me the feeling of “Why didn’t I act so far…?”

As a coach she devotes her entire self to helping me solve my problem. It is very important to me that she merely pays attention but is NEVER JUDGEMENTAL. She focuses her full attention on how to help me best. She accepts that the problem is what I consider it to be and she doesn’t try to convince me otherwise. She never downplays the problem, she understands that at that point in my life that is the most important issue for me.” G.Zs.

“We have come a long way with Sara. Sometimes I had the feeling that we might have lost our way but she always let me go astray because she knew that it is exactly these sidetracks that would eventually lead me to my destination. She was very subtle, never pushed me forward or held me back, only accompanied me on my way. Exceptional intelligence and empathy, kindness and professionalism are the words that come to my mind regarding our work together.” H.T.

“I was always happy to attend the sessions, because in addition to being understood, the to-the-point questions helped me a lot. During the entairtaining, light-hearted, cheerful discussions I began to pay more attention to myself and appreciate myself more. Sára is a real master of not giving advice per se; the goal is to find your answers deep inside yourself. Her sense of humor put me at ease even when tackling the most uncomfortable issues; you trust her almost immediately, which makes working together so much easier. I am grateful for her compliments, her support, and her honesty. I loved working with cards as well, which is an exciting, creative tool.” G. Á.